Mathematics and Computer Science






Mathematics and Computer Science

How can cars drive autonomously ? How can one achieve that algorithms detect tumors better in x-ray images than doctors ? How can one prove that an algorithm works correctly ?

Many modern research fields require a profound knowledge both in mathematics and computer science. A very recent example is data science. Moreover, mathematics is THE foundation of computer sciene and at the same time computer science opens up new interesting research questions for mathematicians. Saarland University has recognized this important connection early on and has established three joint professorships between the departments of mathematics and computer science.

With the integrated Bachor/Master-program in "mathematics and computer science" we have established for the first time in Germany the possibility to study the foundations of both fields on equal level. The study program is aiming at the ones who have an affinity to both fields or the ones who are unsure at the beginning of their study program in which direction they should go. The structure of the program allows to switch in the first semesters into the particular programs in "Mathematics" and "Computer Science" without loosing any time.

After the six semester in the Bachelor program "Mathematics and Computer Science" you can continue with a Master in "Mathematics and Computer Science". However, there is also the possibility to specialize further and do a master either in "Mathematics" or "Computer Science". There are excellent job opportunities for graduates of this program in all traditional work fields of mathematicians and computer scienticists. Moreover, the program qualifies particularly well for challenging and exciting work in research or development units in the area of finance, e-commerce, automobile and mechanical engineering, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry and telecommunications. This is where you can best bring in the strengths in both fields.

The Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science at Saarland University is very strong in research. Among a lot of other awards, professors of the department have obtained 10 prestigeous research awards from the European Research Council (ERC) and 6 Leibniz awards, the highest German research award. The two renowed Max-Planck-Institutes for Computer Science and Software Systems are just next door on Campus. Moreover, the Saarbruecken Computer Science Department has been awarded 2007 an excellence cluster and a graduate school in the German Excellence Initiatitive which both have been extended in 2012. Alltogether this yields plenty of possibilities for students to contribute early on to research projects during their studies.





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